2020 Hammer-In FAQ
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2020 Hammer-In FAQ

Please see below if you have any questions about the upcoming Hammer-In.

If you still need more information, please feel free to email [email protected] We will be happy to help you.

Can I bring my spouse or significant other?

Yes, but every guest attending the Hammer-In must purchase a ticket.

Do i need to bring anything?

It is recommended that you bring eye and ear protection, a notepad and pen/pencil to take notes. There will be a lot of information, formulas, techniques and steps to absorb in two days. 

Can i ask questions during the demonstrations?

Absolutely.  Our instructors encourage questions. However, please do not have side conversations during the demos. 

Can i bring my pet/dog?

No.  The Hammer-In is held on a working farm and other animals including the ranch dogs are present.

Are there other activities planned after the classes have concluded?

Guests are encouraged to continue to socialize off-property, or at one of the eating establishments in town.