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The TW-90 Community

We are working on getting the website updated and refreshed – yeah, we know, finally.

We reached out to our community and asked them to tell us about their opinions on the TW-90. What we got was an amazing bunch of photos and experiences shared by customers and friends, some of whom have come up with really creative ways to mount their grinders or store their accessories.

Check out some of the stories of the TW-90 Community below. If you have a photo or story to share, feel free to send it to us on Facebook or by email to [email protected],

“Let me introduce the portable TW-90. That way you can easily take it outside for quick setup and use. Or if you are like me, I need it because I do not have a shop or garage space. I have used it like this regularly for a year and a half, like a charm. That is a portable miter saw stand from Harbor Freight. Super solid when transporting and when set up!”
– Joshua Parker

“I have 3 of them, if I had more room, I’d have more. Saves me a ton of time having multiple setups, and being able to change them instantly.
I made some brackets to mount on the wall that the arms mount in, it keeps them out of the way and off the floor.”
– Johnny Stout

“Established my knife shop after retiring, with the TW-90 being one of my first big investments. The picture is of the very first full flat grind I have ever done. It came out perfectly and symmetrical with matching plunge lines largely due to the “Signature” series flat platen. Every bit of shaping and grinding that went into this knife and scales was done on my TW-90. I love the quality and versatility of this machine.”
– Kirk Knives

“Owning a TW-90 has accelerated my ability to create custom pieces of art. It gives me many advantages over other machines in the market.

First off it keeps me focused on the task on hand. When i need to advance my projects from different angles i have the ability to do so with ease. The multiple attachments and platforms are a quick change style, saving me time driving my efficiency to a profitable level. It allows me to keep preforming repetitive tasks for long periods of time with less strain on my body which increases my attention to detail.

When I deliver to my customer and they are ecstatic on how incredible their piece is…. I have to give recognition to the tools I use to get the job done. The TW-90!”
– Tony Immordino

“We use your TW-90 for our classes at Reforged; a non profit that teaches free knife making with an emphasis on mental health.

We are a peer support group that offers free counseling and lets those struggling have a place to go and work with their hands and have someone to talk to. In less that two years there have been close to 200 Veterans and First Responders who have used your grinder and we have had no issues. We have other grinders in our shop but the TW-90 is by far the most versatile and most used piece of equipment we have. We have had amputees, legally blind, partially paralyzed Vets up to 88 years old use your machine and let me say it is amazing brother.

Our hope is to buy another this year as our classes are fully booked into 2021 and we have a waiting list of over 70 Vets and First Responders. Once they come through our program the shop becomes theirs and we have Alumni in the shop almost seven days a week. I can honestly say your grinder is used for about six hours per day without fail and not one problem has occurred. Check us out at or on Facebook at Reforged. You made an amazing product..”
– Chad Caylor

“My husband Ronnie loves his. Best purchase in his shop!!!”
– Melissa Lee

“I love mine I haven’t used it to it’s full capacity yet, if there is one. I’m really glad I made this my choice.”
– Thorvan Patten

“.The TW-90 is the best grinder made today! There are many grinders that have copied Travis’s designs. From the ratcheting tension arm, surface grinder and the ability to go from vertical to horizontal. All of these innovations were made by Travis and Tim Hancock.

I love my TW-90! I can’t wait to see what Travis creates next to help advance our skills.”
– Eric Kidwell

“I will say this as a knife maker of less than 6 months – there is no machine that would make it possible other than a TW-90.

I have been a carpenter all my life and always loved the idea of making knives. Knowing what I know now, and learning what I have to learn in the future, I’m super confident and very pleased with the performance and capability like no other, of the TW-90. It is the single best investment I have ever made.”
– Jason Johnson (Knife or Death, Season 1 Episode 2)

“I settled and used an inferior belt grinder for several years, which for the most part, met my needs. Once I finally pulled the trigger on buying my TW-90 from Travis… I realized what a grinder is SUPPOSED to do for you. Certain aspects of grinding that used to be a struggle suddenly became so much easier and precise. This machine is top-notch, and I can’t believe I waited so long! Thanks again Travis, my hats off to you sir”
– Derek McLean

“The grinder and all attachments taking up 6 square feet of space. Awesome machine!”
– Jim Quick

“The TW-90 is the ultimate tool for any bladesmith”
– Carson Garner

“I got mine set up right before I flew out to New York for Forged in Fire. I learned how to use it on the show. Ground most of my winning sword with it. I love the surface grinder attachment and how it doesn’t take up any space. I couldn’t make folders without it. The precision is amazing.”
– Peyton Ramm (Forged in Fire, Season 7 Episode 17)

“I absolutely love my TW-90 that I bought back in 2013. I have ground well over 2000 forged blades on it without any issues. The grinder tracks laser straight for perfect plunge cuts every time. All the attachments make for a repeatable process that streamlined my ability to grind a lot of blades quickly and uniformly. I think the best aspect of the TW-90 grinder is it has increased my belt life. With my old grinder I could only grind about 5 blades per belt and now.i can easily grind 12 to 15 blades per belt. It has paid for itself many times over just by saving me money on belts. Best investment I ever made in my full-time bladesmithing shop by far. An absolute workhorse. I would be lost without it. ”
– Paul Walsh (Forged in Fire, Season 4 Episode 3)

“I have used my friends TW-90 for years. I enjoy the versatility of it and really like the surface grinder attachment. Being familiar with the machine, I was able to clean up the blade I forged in record time while on the show Forged in Fire. I also used a TW-90 for my final weapon the Jian sword. I am now a Forged in Fire Champion and I believe the the TW-90 helped get me there.”
– Casey Cleveland (Forged in Fire, Season 7 Episode 3)

“You really don’t wanna see mine it is rusty dirty beat up oh yea still works great.
Had it for 6-7 years now gets wet; Exposed to elements not in nice clean grind room right in blacksmith shop no complaints”
– Bob Stott

“It has features that were never seen on a grinder before, but now are being imitated by several. Ratcheting belt tension and contact wheels on the platen make it so versatile. It’s the best tracking grinder I’ve used.”
– Jess Hoffman

“We use our TW grinder for all kinds of applications in the shop. It is so versatile that we can work on spurs and sharpening big tools all the way down to tiny finishing on jewelry pieces. It is one our favorite tools at The Mad Cow Company.”
– Amy Greenough Smith

“I have owned two TW-90s for years, they upped my knife making skills beyond belief. If you want to get professional results go with TW-90”
– Mike Tyre

“The TW-90 is one of the most versatile grinders on the market. I have another grinder, but use the TW-90 95% of the time.”
– Chris Fleniken

“I have had my TW-90 I think for 6 or 7 years. It is by far one of the finest grinders made. Still runs and tracks like it did day one! I love the surface grinding attachment and the aluminum tool bars. Great machine and Travis will stand behind them 100%!”
– JW Randall (Forged in Fire, Season 4 Episode 19)

“I’ve had mine for about 10 years or more. I have a Burrking mounted next to it and that’s where I hang all my old belts.
The TW-90 is an all out working machine. It changes belts and wheels very easy and quickly. I now have the signature tilting platen which makes grinding bevels very easy”
– Steven C. Koster (Forged in Fire, Season 6 Episode 7)

“The TW-90 is a great machine. My other machine is a Hardcore. The TW-90 is my workhorse.”
– Gary House

*some responses edited for length and clarity, never content

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