Wuertz Hammer In · Info, Instructors, and FAQ

Mark your calendars for March 16th and 17th, because the Wuertz Hammer In is back!

This weekend-long event is a valuable learning experience for both newcomers and seasoned experts in blacksmithing and knife making.

Ticket Information

The 2024 Hammer-In will be held on Saturday, March 16th through Sunday, March 17th at Wuertz Farm in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Registration/Check-In will begin at 8:00 AM on Saturday, March 16. Classes will begin at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 16.

What does my ticket get me?

Tickets are good for the entire weekend and include lunch on both days and access to classes from around 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Thank you to the Hammer In Kitchen for the most incredible lunches year after year!

Payment and Cancellation

We understand that making travel plans can be a little uncertain these days – if you are in any way concerned that you might have to cancel, please PAY BY CHECK. Refunds for payments made by credit card may be charged a return processing fee.


This year, we’re scheduled to have an impressive list of instructors. You’ll also meet ABS Master Smiths, Forged In Fire Contestants and Champions, and makers of all experience levels.

Tap below to learn more about each Instructor.

Please note that this is our scheduled Instructor List, but sh*t happens! Subject to change. 

Devin Thomas has been making knives since 1978 at the age of 13. Devin gained an interest in mechanical work and making things while working with his father, a welder, at a young age. Devin’s first knife was a straight knife with a walnut handle and a simple guard.

Devin worked for Knifemaker’s Guild member Bob Lofgreen of Lakeside, AZ at the age of 16 where he learned many tricks of the trade. Devin won the award for Most Impressive Award for a New Knifemaker at the age of 17. In 1986 he made his first Damascus. He found that his Damascus was flying off the show table, so he began producing it full-time. In 1991 he produced his first stainless Damascus, which was very rare at the time. Devin became well-known for his stainless Damascus and clean, repeatable patterns. His unique and mesmerizing Damascus patterns, like Spirograph and Dot Matrix, have often been copied. Devin received the honor of being inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame in 2023.

Devin will be discussing Damascus pattern development and the performance of pattern-welded steel at the 2024 Wuertz Hammer In.

Mareko Maumasi is a bladesmith and Damascus wizard from Olympia, Washington. A constant artist and innovator, Mareko has always enjoyed working with his hands to create something from nothing. When he was young, he was constantly drawing, building, and creating. As he got older, he jumped into the culinary world, working in kitchens, and discovering the tools associated. Eventually, he was given the opportunity to combine his two great passions, food and creating, and became one of the foremost custom culinary knife makers in the world.

Mareko is an award-winning knifemaker and has been featured on Forged in Fire twice. His current focus is on developing new techniques and approaches for pattern welded steel, and deepening his understanding of how the material moves. Mareko is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the greater knifemaking community and strives to uplift the knifemaking craft through education and collaboration.

Michael Quesenberry has been a knife maker since 2005. He is an active member of the American Bladesmith Society. In May of 2009 he received his Journeyman Bladesmith stamp at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia. In May of 2014 he earned his Mastersmith stamp at the Bladeshow in Atlanta, Georgia. Along with his stamp he received the BR Hughes award for the best mastersmith knife presented.

The majority of his knives are forged, but on occasion he will do stock removal on stainless steel at a customer’s request. From forging the steel to leather work, Michael enjoys the process of  creating a one-of-a-kind piece. Everything is done “In-house”, including Damascus, heat treating, and cryogenic treatment.

“A custom knife should do three things well: Be visually appealing, well-balanced in the hand, and hold a razor-sharp edge.” From paper sketches to the polished product, Mike’s designs are a balance of solid construction techniques and visual appeal. “The true soul of the blade comes from proper techniques, start to finish.”

Vince has been a full-time bladesmith since 1981 specializing in creating historically accurate and historically inspired swords and knives. He has traveled internationally to research and study in museums and private collections to ensure that his work is within historical parameters.

His work has been on display at The British Museum, The National Museum of Ireland, and at the Culloden Visitor Centre. At the 2024 Hammer In, Vince is planning to demonstrate an edge wrapped multi-bar weld, like he does on his Anglo-Saxon swords.

Instructor info coming soon!

Eric started making knives with his youngest son in 2004. While learning to make knives he gained an interest in designing and making machinery associated with knife making. Almost all of his early equipment was designed and made in his shop. This included electronic controlled forges, heat treat ovens, grinders, electronically automated hydraulic press and associated controls, salt pots, and many other tools. Most of these tools are still used to this day.

His early knives were stock removal and forged fixed blades. Later he became very interested in folding knives as well. Production of San Mai and Damascus steels has become a part of the knife-making journey.

One of his focuses has been sharing knowledge and helping bladesmiths increase their quality/production rate through tools with knowledge feedback and precision. He is always looking to learn more through sharing time with others.

Eric’s first time teaching at Travis Wuertz Hammer-in was in 2013 – this is one of his favorite events of the year.

Instructor info coming soon!

Instructor info coming soon!

Instructor info coming soon!

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More Info & FAQ

Tap below to find answers to commonly asked questions and helpful travel info for getting to Casa Grande. Contact us if you need more help!

What is the Wuertz Hammer In?

The Wuertz Hammer In isn’t just another industry meet-up; it’s a two-day, immersive experience where you can talk to and learn from some incredibly talented makers, both instructors and fellow guests. It’s the perfect place for anyone interested in metal crafts and knife making, whether you’re just starting or have been hammering away for years.

A hammer-in is not just hammering – we cover many aspects of knifemaking including things like handle making, grinding techniques, embellishment, fine arts, and engraving., fixed blades and folding knife mechanisms, damascus pattern creation, general knife design, shop improvement and organization, must have machines and tools, training on specialized tools.

The Wuertz Hammer In is held at the shop headquarters of Wuertz Machine Works, the makers of the TW-90 Knife Grinder. This fully-equipped setting allows us to host a truly immersive learning experience with a forge, power hammer, multiple TW-90 Knife Grinders, and other specialized tools and machinery available for instructor demonstrations.

Who should go to the Wuertz Hammer In?

No matter where you are in your metalworking journey, there’s something for you at the Wuertz Hammer In.

If you’re just starting out, this is your chance to see expert knifemakers and blacksmiths in action and pick up tips and tricks to start your own projects or help you overcome issues with your current process.

If this isn’t your first Hammer In, you’re probably coming back to take your skills up a notch. Be sure to come ready to ask questions – we hope to have a more detailed class list to help you prepare your mind ahead of time. As with every year, you’ll find workshops and demos that dive deeper into techniques and designs, helping you refine your craft and maybe even discover a new passion.

The Wuertz Hammer In is a great place for knifemakers and blacksmiths to network, share, and learn. The Wuertz Hammer In is also about community. You’ll be surrounded by people who share your passion, from hobbyists to professionals. It’s a place to make friends, share stories, and enjoy the unique atmosphere that only a gathering of creatives can offer.

Helpful Travel Info

The Wuertz Hammer In is held at Wuertz Farm in Casa Grande, AZ.

If you are flying to join us, you can look at flight options to both Phoenix International Airport and Tucson International Airport to find the best deal. Wuertz Farm is about the same distance from either airport!

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RV’s & Campers

A limited amount of RV/Camper parking is available at Wuertz Farm – please let us know ahead of time if you plan to bring an RV/Camper so we can make sure there is room for you!